Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) 2021-22
Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) 2021-22

Design & Technology SKE

In September 2017, the Design and Technology (D&T) GCSE was redesigned with an emphasis on the iterative design process, contextual challenges and new technologies.


The aim of this overhaul was to develop in students a critical understanding of the impact D&T has on daily life and the wider world. 



“High-quality design and technology education makes an essential contribution to the creativity, culture, wealth and well-being of the nation.” The National Curriculum


In this course, we start by looking at how the subject is in the process of modernising, and the knowledge that is needed to teach D&T.  The introductory unit in the first week will prepare you for teaching at KS3 and GCSE level and will provide you with a general overview of the key issues in D&T and the requirements of various curriculums and exam boards. 


From the 2nd week, we move onto the core areas of the GCSE curriculum and beyond.


What we offer

We offer the full range of Design and Technology SKE courses, from 8 to 28 weeks and depending on your university/school, we may even be able to offer a blended approach with practical workshops


Since the changes to the GCSE courses in 2017, there are no longer separate GCSE qualifications for subjects such as Graphics, Product Design, Resistant Materials and Textiles. Instead, they are all encompassed into the Design & Technology GCSE courses.
Subject knowledge for these individual specialisms within DT are integrated into the content provided on our SKE courses so that you can be confident when you start your teacher training.

The D&T course is built around the following themes of study:


  • Health & safety
  • Materials & origins
    • Paper & timber
    • Metals
    • Polymers
    • Textile based materials
  • Energy and mechanical devices
  • New and emerging technologies
  • Material technology (smart materials)
  • Identifying and investigating design possibilities
  • Writing a brief & specification
  • The design process
  • Manufacturing a prototype
  • The evaluation process
  • Food Preparation & nutrition (Please note that this technology is strictly not covered under the DT banner, but we have included it as many organisations group DT with Food and trainees may be required to deliver lessons within this discipline).

Introduction to Eureka's D&T SKE course

The Design & Technology SKE (D&T SKE) will allow you to explore a range of online resources with the support of your course tutor and one to one sessions for course lengths from 8 to 28-week course lengths. Trainees will look at how new technologies are influencing culture and take a closer look at the new/emerging systems as well as production techniques and investigating the different characteristics of various materials.


Please click on the link below, for an overview of the core units covered by our D&T SKE course

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