100% Online SKE - Start Dates Every Monday
100% Online SKE - Start Dates Every Monday

Update: DfE will only fund English SKE if enrolled / place confirmed by 10th April 2024

Why choose Eureka Online College for your English SKE?

Eureka Online College have released a new English SKE course covering the main cornerstones of the English Language and English Literature GCSE.  It covers what students need to learn in UK schools and provides lots of examples throughout how to teach English Language and Literature effectively to pupils.  The English SKE course is on-demand and comes with live tutoring.  

Bespoke Nature of our SKE course

If you have specific needs, your course can be tailored to your individual requirements and focus on knowledge gaps and areas you need to cover in more depth to gain confidence with your abilities and knowledge as a teacher of English.


We can provide the right course for you, as we offer the full range of SKE course lengths, from 8 to 28 weeks.  

Meet the English SKE team

Gaynor Atkins

English SKE Tutor

Qualifications BA Education PGCE PCET

Qualified teaching 17 years’ experience

Sectors: Secondary, FE, Online College, University


I have been teaching professionally for 17 years, mostly secondary school, GCSE English, and for the last three years as a course and subject tutor for English SKE courses.

As well as overseeing students’ work and ensuring it meets the required DFE standards, I deliver lessons face to face via online platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet. I consistently receive positive feedback from my students stating how supportive and engaging my lessons are.


Whilst teaching in FE college, I had the highest GCSE pass rate (140 students) for 2 consecutive years. I also designed a literacy board game for secondary GCSE students, which helped engage those with poor attendance and challenging behaviour back into the classroom.


My passions and values are to remove barriers from learning and help a range of students from different socio and cultural backgrounds achieve their goals.

Through intensive support, I have helped many students successfully complete their courses whilst they were going through challenging times.


I have also studied counselling and hold a counselling skills certificate, which I have often found useful in understanding students’ individual needs in my role as a SKE course and subject tutor.


In my free time, I enjoy ballroom dancing and have recently qualified to compete in the prestigious, Blackpool, Tower Ballroom 2023. I also enjoy yoga and hold a qualification to teach this. I am a very creative person, enjoy music and can play standard drums and achieved a grade 2 exam in this.

I have travelled extensively and enjoy meeting people from all different cultures and walks of life. One of my main strengths is my interpersonal skills, identifying students’ needs and motivating them to successfully complete their courses.


One of my main assets is my drive and motivation to learn and this has expanded from learning languages, to dance, psychology, instruments, complementary therapies, health, and social care, all of which I hold certificates and qualifications for.

Jason Bristow

English SKE Tutor

Degree: BA (2.1) English Literature

QTS: 2007 (PGCE through King’s College, London)


I have been teaching in Secondary Schools since 2007, and I am currently employed as Assistant Head of English at a Grammar School in Essex.


I teach English Language and Literature to Years 7 – 13. I love teaching English because I think it’s really important that children learn how to articulate themselves clearly, and also because through English it is possible to teach children how to become critical and open-minded thinkers. I also love teaching English because it overlaps with so many other interesting subjects, including History, Art, and Psychology.


In my free time I like to read (a mix of fiction and non-fiction) and play sport. I am also currently trying to learn German.


My next project is to create and maintain my own allotment in the garden. 

Jo Adams

English SKE Tutor

QTS Information: QTS awarded in July 2001, having completed my NQT year at Westcliff High School for Boys, a local grammar school.


Relevant Qualifications: I have a 2:1 degree in English Language and Literature, awarded in 1999 from the University of Reading, where I was fortunate enough to study under some of the leading academic experts in their field, such as Professor Andrew Gurr (Shakespeare) and Professor Coral Howells (Margaret Atwood). I then completed a PGCE in English (Secondary) at Anglia Polytechnic University in 2000.


About me: I am a busy mother of three who has been teaching now for nearly 23 years. I began my career at Westcliff High School for Boys, a local grammar school, in 2000, where I was the youngest (and first female) Head of English the school had appointed, taking the role in 2006.


After having my second child, I left teaching for a very brief period of 6 months before realising that I missed it far too much! As a result, a short stint as KS5 coordinator at a local comprehensive was followed by a longer tenure at a second boys’ grammar school, Southend High School for Boys. During the 6 and a half years I was there, I was also the English Curriculum Lead for the Southend High School for Girls’ SCITT programme, responsible for leading the training and mentoring of English teachers through their PGCE.

I ended up at my current school completely by chance – I was doing half a term’s cover for a local comprehensive, Southchurch High School, before starting a new post at yet another grammar school, Westcliff High School for Girls, and I fell in love with the place and the people. It wasn’t long before I was back at Southchurch, as Second in English, then Head of English and now Assistant Headteacher for Teaching and Learning as well.


My passion, as my career path suggests, is quality of teaching. Every child deserves to feel heard and to know that they will have an effective learning experience within every classroom. My current role allows me to combine my knowledge of outstanding teaching and pedagogy with mentoring and training colleagues into being the best versions of themselves for their students, which is challenging but incredibly rewarding. I have been graded outstanding in my teaching in every school that I have worked in, and my wealth of experience across KS3, KS4 and KS5 means I have the knowledge of how to support the lower ability but also to stretch and challenge the most able. One of the core strengths of my teaching is subject knowledge and it is something that I am incredibly enthusiastic about sharing with my department, school staff and my tutees on the SKE course.


I started working for Eureka when the English SKE course began, back in January 2018. Since then, I have re-vamped and authored the majority of the units on Moodle, including the introductory videos and those for the assignments, so my English SKE tutees are well accustomed to my voice before we even meet! It is an absolute pleasure to be a part of the SKE course and to be able to discuss material that I so thoroughly enjoy, hopefully passing on that enthusiasm and joy to those that I tutor.


Outside of work and family, there isn’t much time left but I love to travel and I am a keen performer. For many years, I trod the boards with local amateur dramatic groups, playing such roles as Lois in “Kiss Me, Kate”, Mabel in “The Pirates of Penzance”, Reno in “Anything Goes” and Adelaide in “Guys and Dolls”. Currently, I am the lead singer of a band comprised of friends from an am dram group and we perform for charity at local venues. This allows me to further indulge my need for artistic creativity, as well as an escape from the stresses of everyday life! Of course, as an English teacher, it goes without saying that I am an avid reader and will happily read for hours, when allowed.

Louise McGonagle

English SKE Tutor

BA HONs English Literature/PGCE/QTS


I have been teaching for over 20 years and during this time I have had the privilege to work in a range of roles from Head of Faculty in an outstanding school for 13 years to my current position as Curriculum Lead. I am fortunate to have worked in a variety of settings such as Grammar and Comprehensive schools which has allowed me to secure strong pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning.


Currently, I am Curriculum Lead for Key Stage 3 and 4, designing and implementing schemes of learning as well as embedding new, evidence-based pedagogical approaches. My role allows me to provide high-quality CPD to staff and develop innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Throughout these years, I have also mentored a number of trainee teachers that have gone to enjoy successful careers.


I am passionate about teaching and supporting the highest quality people into our wonderful profession. In my spare time, I love to snowboard, paint and go to the theatre.

Paul Brennan

English SKE Tutor

Educational Qualifications:

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PDE), National University of Ireland, Galway. (1.1)
  • Honours Bachelor of Arts (BA), National University of Ireland, Galway. (1.1)

I obtained QTS in Ireland through a University-led teacher training course and moved to the South-East of England in 2012 to teach English in a large comprehensive secondary school. After initial progression to the role of KS4 co-ordinator, I now work as an Academic Year Leader where I liaise with colleagues and work closely with students to improve academic attainment.


I have a passion for inclusion, supporting looked after students and raising aspirations among disadvantaged students. I enjoy the opportunities the English language provides: allowing students to become effective communicators, capable of expressing their opinions and becoming aware of the power of language. The subject also allows exploration of social, historical and cultural issues through the lens of the text studied which helps to generate discussion on important social issues, providing a holistic education and allowing students to develop as responsible citizens.


I encourage my students to have high expectations and maintain high standards in an enjoyable classroom environment where everyone feels valued, respected and comfortable to share their views. I have mentored trainee teachers in the classroom and really enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with the enthusiastic SKE students I have the pleasure of meeting on the Eureka course. I have an interest in a variety of sports; I enjoy spending time in the outdoors, travel and like to dabble in some DIY and home renovations.

Samantha Butler

English SKE Tutor


  • Bachelor of Arts English Studies and Sociological Studies honours degree achieving an upper second-class honours degree (Gloucestershire University, 15th July 1994)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Secondary Education (Gloucestershire University, 11th July 1995)

I have been teaching English since qualifying over 25 years ago. Gosh, it is a long time to dedicate to a single career, but I can honestly say that in this time my love and passion for English has increased with every passing year.  In fact, for me, teaching English is a combination of two things that I have a passion and aptitude for: English, the subject, and teaching, the craft.  English is a core subject and one that I absolutely love.  I never bore or tire of it.  I am unashamedly an English geek and thoroughly enjoy the multiple opportunities I have - in the incredible English department where I work - to talk about English with my like-minded fellow English teachers.  Now, these are my people.  People who love English and love the creative challenge, teaching English knowledge and skills whilst imbuing a passion for the subject itself.  Teaching is a craft which has held my constant interest.


For me, a single career in English teaching has been and continues to be incredibly varied, flexible, and satisfying. During the many stages of my adult working life, I have taught in several secondary schools across Essex for over twenty-five years and for many of these I led a successful English and Media Department in an Ofsted rated 'outstanding' 11-18 school; being head of department was a highlight of my career.   


Throughout my career to date, Ofsted has rated my lessons consistently 'good' and 'outstanding'. My breadth of teaching experience is wide and covers all key stages and abilities. I have taught KS3, KS4, KS5 and beyond. Currently, I teach part-time in a grammar school for girls. Part of my professional development involves applying new pedagogy to our department schemes of work, inventing resources to roll out across the key stages.  In addition, I am a subcontractor for Eureka Online College and have been for the last five years. With Eureka, I have many roles: English tutor, grammar tutor, course tutor and unit author.  Working on behalf of Eureka Online College perfectly complements my passion for English and love of teaching.  I can work with the next generation of English teachers.  It is a privilege, at the latter part of my career, to play a role in the beginning part of future English teachers’ careers.


Living close to the Thames estuary, I enjoy an active and outdoor lifestyle: walking, sea-swimming, paddleboarding and rowing. I particularly enjoy rowing, and I belong to a local rowing club where we row a range of traditional rowing boats from a two-person skiff to a six person Cornish pilot gig.  As well as belonging to a rowing club, I also belong to a book club with a group of friends, and we meet up regularly.  Coming from an artistic family, I have a creative side: I have an interest in art and design, and I’m a keen gardener.

English SKE Tutors

You will have 3 tutors on your course as below:

Course Tutor:  

Tracks and monitors your engagement with the online content and leaves you weekly feedback to your work.

Subject Tutor:

Takes one to one lessons via our online platform, referred to as the ‘live online classroom’.  Here you will put what you learn into the context of how you might teach this once you join a school.  It is also an opportunity for you to consolidate your understanding and ask questions face to face (online) with a qualified English teacher.  Your subject tutor will also be available to email / contact between lessons.

Grammar Specialist:

The grammar specialist covers all aspects and questions of grammar including misconceptions pupils have within the classroom setting and beyond.  


English SKE course at a glance

As mentioned above, our English SKE course covers all the cornerstones of English GCSE Language and Literature.


Please see below for a summary of the main areas of our course.


Spoken Language

This begins with an introductory unit focusing primarily on persuasive language. Moving on from the introduction we will then begin to focus on the relationship between audience and purpose when speaking in an informal or formal situation. The final aspect of this unit will concentrate on preparatory activities for the AQA Assessment on Spoken Language (in your one to one lessons with a tutor, you can look at Edexcel and OCR examination boards too).


This unit will begin with focusing on poetic techniques

It will then follow on with an emphasis on how meaning is created through a variety of poetic techniques.
Finally, the unit will conclude with an emphasis on developing an understanding of the genres of poetry with a particular focus on sonnets.


This unit will commence with focusing on the role of the narrator. Set text – ‘Jane Eyre,’ by Charlotte Bronte. Next we study the structure of a text. ‘Lord of the Flies,’ by William Golding will be a primary focus in this unit of study.

The concluding part of this unit will focus on analysis and the construction of an essay.



This unit focuses on the key elements of a play. Using the Set text – ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ by William Shakespeare. Following on from the overview of the key elements of a play, the purpose of the second unit is to develop an understanding of a play’s devices and how meaning is created through these. The concluding part of this unit will focus on William Shakespeare’s plays.

Writing for different audiences

The introductory part of this unit focuses on creative writing – fiction being the primary focus.  This will then follow on with a focus on a variety of texts types when writing for different audiences.

The final element of this unit will concentrate on teaching strategies used to help students write an effective narrative.


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