100% Online SKE - Start Dates Every Monday
100% Online SKE - Start Dates Every Monday

Leicestershire Secondary SCITT and Eureka - Service Delivery Model

Leicestershire Secondary SCITT has an established working relationship with AAA Eureka Online Ltd (‘Eureka’) and over the past 3 years through which, we have successfully delivered SKE courses to a growing number of trainees, year on year. 

Leicestershire Secondary SCITT is a SKE provider on the new framework and we sub-contract to Eureka the day to day programme delivery of the online SKE provision.  



As an ITT provider, Leicestershire is able to help assist students select an appropriate course length as appropriate (please see our email below).


We understand that the depth and breadth of SKE options available to students should cover all scenarios, e.g:

  • a short 8-week SKE course as a refresher course helping to fill subject or curriculum knowledge gaps
  • a medium or longer length course, when a student’s subject knowledge is weak in many areas of the core knowledge requirements that underpin the teaching of the SKE subject. 


We understand the importance of trainees’ success achieving QTS is that an appropriate SKE length is selected at the start.  


Induction Phase

On the Eureka course, students are required to complete a subject knowledge audit (SKA), which gives a snapshot of their starting point before engaging on their SKE course.  The results of this audit are used by the Eureka tutors to select appropriate units of study that will progress the student’s knowledge in the core knowledge requirements identified as a weakness.


Design and Delivery

Through engagement with the Eureka course, students will secure the core knowledge required to meet Teachers’ Standard 3 by the end of their ITT course.   The tasks and activities on the SKE course are designed for students to demonstrate good subject and curriculum knowledge in the subject they intend to teach.  Engagement and progress with these tasks will be monitored and reported on by their dedicated online tutor.


We are able to offer SKE courses for all eligible SKE subjects, all of which are considered priority and hard-to-recruit subjects:





Design and Technology


Languages (French, German and Spanish)

Mathematics (Secondary)


Primary Maths

Religious Education


The majority of courses are on-demand and online, enabling students the flexibility to work from home during the daytime, evenings or at weekends making ether full time or part-time study possible. The flexibility of provision means students have the option of completing their SKE in parallel with ITT. From a geographical perspective, the online nature of the course means we can deliver online SKE courses nationally and so location will not be a barrier to students accessing our SKE course (please see D&T blended option below when geographical location is a factor).


Bespoke nature and full range of SKE lengths

Units of work are workload assessed as 25 hours of study time each.  4 units of the SKE course is equivalent to a 4-week block of study and so we are able to offer the full range of course lengths from 8-28 weeks by assigning the equivalent number of units to the course.   Students’ engagement is monitored and our tutors can adapt and change the course material to adjust for evolving needs and as necessary, increasing personalisation of the course experience. 


One-to-one tutoring

Online learning is supported via one to one lessons with a practising teacher in the ITT and SKE subject, therefore increasing the level of personalisation and bespoke learning experience.


For Design and Technology (D&T), we plan to offer a blended approach (for those students that wish this), which will be available to students located in Leicestershire or the surrounding area.  For blended D&T courses, almost all of the theory will be covered online, with face to face workshop based sessions to be delivered in school as twilight sessions in the first term of ITT training. The face to face option will allow students to become familiar with the hardware and gain safe, hands on experience with the equipment they will be required to use as part of their role as a D&T teacher, often covering a range of specialised areas, e.g. textiles, graphic design and materials.


Final Report

Following the completion of the SKE course, each participant’s tutor will complete a detailed substantive report, highlighting a participant’s strengths/weaknesses and an assessment on the degree to which the participant has been able to demonstrate they have sufficient subject knowledge to train to teach their chosen subject.


Please click on the application below to apply for your SKE course - which is delivered by Eureka.  The student bursary and funding is applied for and administered by Leicestershire Secondary SCITT.


E: scittske@rushey-tmet.uk

E: hello@eurekaonlinecollege.co.uk



In order to reach us

Please send your completed application form to:


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Alternatively, please call or write to us below:

Eureka Online College

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You can call us by

Essex Office (SKE team):

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