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(Subject Consolidation for Teaching)

What is a Geography Subject Consolidation for Teaching (SCT) course?

A geography SCT is a special type of refresher course, which allows a prospective teacher trainee to enhance their subject knowledge in geography, preparing them for teacher training.  Depending on the ITT provider, the content of a geography SCT can either be fixed, following a predetermined set of topics, or bespoke, allowing for the individual to select the most appropriate content based on their needs (e.g. whether to study a high percentage of human geography over physical geography, or vice versa).


Eureka Online College launched the new geography SCT course in February 2021.  


Geography Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) Geography SKE inspires lesson ideas

What our students say


I have had a very positive experience on this course realising early what I needed to do to get the most out of the whole process making me more confident in my teaching of the subject knowledge. It highlighted areas that I feel confident in such as human geography topics like population change, changing urban environments and areas that I am not confident in such as the physical side like rocks, landforms, glaciers, and hot/cold deserts.
But because I have been able to identify these areas early by going through the exam papers and talking to Robert my tutor it has helped me focus on what was important for me to concentrate on. I would like to thank both Robert and Liza for assisting me whilst on this course as they have both been positive role models and quite inspiring with the knowledge that they have shared with me, whilst in a relaxed manner.


Mel Blackmore (student)


I am sad that this is the last journal entry I am writing. I have found this course to be far beneficial than I had originally thought. It has enabled me to collect resources, start thinking like a geographer and teacher. more than anything, it has shown just how passionate I am about teaching this subject and I cannot wait for September to share this with my students.


I would also like to thank you and Oliver for all your help. You have given me the confidence to start teaching and given me great feedback with which I can use to continue to improve myself. I think that it is a fantastic programme and would like to pass on my gratitude to all those involved.


Rich Aikman (student)



SCT students have enjoyed working through essential geography topics taught within UK schools and optional A level units.  


With their own pathway through the course material, students make rapid progress with their subject knowledge in areas that benefits them the most.  Qualified geography teachers are on hand to help guide students onto the most appropriate units in preparation for ITT.  The learning experience Eureka Online College creates for their students is something that is often praised by students in their feedback, stating that the course is much more personal, engaging and practical than they expected from an online course providing SCT.  Enrolling onto our geography SCT course is the best preparation you can do before starting your geography ITT. 


If you would like to apply for one of our courses, please select the most appropriate package for your needs - information can be found via the link below


SCT Course Packages


Typical geography units at a glance

  • Climate change - energy and the environment
  • River studies -  enabling students to carry out virtual fieldwork on a stretch of simulated river
  • Dynamic surface of the earth
  • The domain of life on the earth
  • Natural resources and their development
  • Population and human settlement
  • Local area planning and tourism

Meet the geography SCT tutors

Liza Phillips - Geography Tutor for SKE

I am a long-serving Head of Department and examiner, qualifying via a BSc at King’s College London and PGCE at the Institute of Education. During roles as a local authority Subject Advisor and performance manager, I have enjoyed mentoring new teachers. My passion is ‘Geography in Action’; using events such as Fair Trade Fortnight, Eco-Schools Award, and fieldwork to destinations near and far to promote a love of the subject.

Robert Frost - Geography Tutor for SKE

Since achieving qualified teacher status with an 'Outstanding' grading, I have been teaching Geography in a successful, large comprehensive school In Essex. On completion of my NQT year I was promoted to the academic head of year 8 responsible for monitoring attainment and motivating approximately 280 students. Within the Geography department I am responsible for and experienced in teaching throughout all the key stages. I love teaching and enjoy constructing creative resources to engage learners.  

Bring Geography to life with our SKE course

Self funded SKE courses are provided by our partner SKE provider, Aardvark SKE.  


Tutors that work on the DfE funded SKE courses have joined forces to provide self funded SKE courss for trainees who are not eligible for DfE funding.  


You can find out more information about pricing and how to make contact via the following link



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