Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) 2021-22
Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) 2021-22

Religious Education SKE (SKE)

The DfE have now made funding available for the Subject Knowledge Enhancement of Religious Education. This will allow potential trainees to study on an 8 week SKE course in preparation for their Initial Teacher Training.

The Religious Education (RE SKE) course will allow you to take an exciting route onto a Religious Studies ITT. It will provide you with the confidence to teach RE at GCSE level and beyond where you will develop knowledge that will enable you to challenge your own students on questions about belief, values, meaning, purpose and truth, enabling those students to develop their own attitudes towards religious issues.

What can I study on the RE SKE course?

Units Points of study
Introductory unit of religious studies
  • Introductory unit on beliefs, teaching practices, philosophy and ethics of the 6 major world religions.
  • The Key Beliefs
  • The Buddha and the Four Noble Truths
  • Worship and festivals​
  • Buddhist ethics
  • The Key beliefs
  • Jesus Christ and salvation
  • Worship and festivals
  • The role of the church in the local and worldwide community​
  • The seven sacraments
  • Worship​
  • The work of the Church
  • The ideas about the nature of God and existence
  • The beliefs about the nature of human life
  • Worship and festivals​
  • Lifestyle
  • The key Beliefs
  • Authority
  • Worship​
  • Duties and festivals
  • The key beliefs
  • The Covenant and the mitzvot
  • The synagogue and worship​
  • Family life and festivals
  • The key beliefs
  • The beliefs about the nature of human life
  • Worship and service​
  • Festivals and lifestyle

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